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        Case Study

        Changing the face of golf course management for one of the nation's largest travel companies

        Teesnap, an Allegiant Travel subsidiary that specializes in golf course management, needed a partner to guide the product’s development from an initial beta application to a fully-fledged, robust technology ecosystem.
        Take beta application to robust tech ecosystem
        Brand Strategy and Marketing Toolkit, Evolving Best Practices Guide
        At the outset, Teesnap was the golf course management software of choice for only 8 courses, and the goal was to add to that number. By the end of RevUnit’s engagement in mid-2017, that number surged to an impressive 250 courses—a 3025% increase from the initial number.
        Value Stream Mapping

        The Story

        Teesnap is an Allegiant Travel subsidiary that specializes in golf course management. As a product, it has a barrage of functions: It’s a point-of-sale system, an intuitive food and beverage system, a reporting and email campaign-generating tool, and more. The burning question when Teesnap engaged RevUnit: How can a small, scrappy startup backed by an industry leader manage to scale in a timely, but sustainable manner?

        Facing stiff competition from other golf course management software providers like foreUP! and GolfNow, Teesnap approached RevUnit to guide the product’s development from an initial beta application to a fully-fledged, robust technology ecosystem.

        RevUnit began with an extensive roadmap audit that included analyses of target markets, competitors, and product-market fit to find Teesnap’s place—internally and externally.

        After the discovery period, RevUnit began integrating the roadmap in a process improvement phase. Process improvement touched on virtually every facet at Teesnap, such as design, marketing, finances, and the delivery cycle.

        When it comes to marketing and brand strategy, RevUnit did growth hacking-style work around squeeze pages to test messaging, produced marketing materials, brand strategy, application designs, and more. RevUnit also spearheaded email marketing to maximize conversions.

        On the finance side, RevUnit served as a coach and usher—walking Teesnap through various financial models and executive coaching, and iterating around what would resonate with their audience — supporting the B2B sales cycle.

        Finally, RevUnit modified Teesnap’s delivery cycle into “release trains,” allowing users to communicate with others via a user-to-user feedback loop, and creating a sales-to-development plan that aligned the entire company with Teesnap’s functions and goals.

        In eighteen months, RevUnit was able to help grow the number of courses that use Teesnap by 3025%—serving 250 courses by the end of its tenure. Furthermore; RevUnit also left behind an evolving best practices guide to help Teesnap to continue to scale.

        Case Study
        Case Study
        “RevUnit is the kind of partner you dream about having. Their team brought all the talent we were missing and aligned our business strategy with our product strategy.”
        – Bryan Lord, CEO, Teesnap

        The Stats

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