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        Case Study
        Value Stream Mapping

        Refining processes for a national gaming developer and supplier

        AGS, a leading national gaming developer and supplier, needed RevUnit to completely overhaul its process from customer quote to product install, with the goal of drastically reducing the time to order fulfillment.
        Streamline the customer fulfillment process
        Value Stream Map Product Roadmap
        Using Value Stream Mapping (a unique, hands-on process auditing exercise), RevUnit was able to reduce AGS’s lead time from quote to fulfillment by 15 days, or 21%.
        Value Stream Mapping

        The Story

        When it comes to day-to-day processes in the workplace, it’s normal for employees to resist change. So when national gaming developer and supplier AGS came to RevUnit to better its business practices–from customer quote to product install—we knew it was going to be a challenge.

        The problem: Since customer demand was becoming greater than the company output, executives at AGS knew that change in processes was needed, but they were unsure where to start.

        Chris Race, Senior Product Owner at RevUnit, proposed using a tool called value stream mapping (VSM) to dissect the workflow of the entire company. The VSM exercise called for 14 representatives from a variety of departments—from finance, to tech, to sales—to assess the needs of the business, and ultimately, change how the business functions.

        A Value Stream is the process a product or service goes through to reach a customer. A Value Stream Map is a physical tool that helps a group visualize their fulfillment process. It also visualizes the flow of products through the entire value creation cycle rather than as independent processes.

        Together, the group walked through the customer journey—from touch time to lead time; customer quote to product install—and took note of every event that added value to the workflows. The team then came together to measure the current state. Throughout the mapping, the central question was: What does the customer actually care about? In summation, the group recorded 81 processes, 93 system interactions, 9 total systems, and determined that it took 70 days to go from customer quote to product install.

        The team then came together to examine and discuss ways to cut out unnecessary steps and streamline the workflow. After five days of intense meetings, the team managed to create a model that reduced lead time from 70 days to 55 days, a huge success for both the RevUnit and AGS teams. Interested in learning more about the Value Stream Mapping process, as well as its successes? Contact us!

        Case Study
        Case Study
        “At AGS, one of the factors we consider when evaluating potential vendor partners is alignment with our core values, which includes teamwork, diversity, humility, flexibility, fairness, and compassion. Through our work with RevUnit, it became abundantly clear that they embody these values and these shared traits helped contribute to our successful working relationship.”
        – Matt Reback, Executive Vice President, AGS

        The Stats

        15 days
        Lead time saved
        Processes streamlined for AGS

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